Tile Floor and Grout Being Cleaned

Keep Germs Out, Clean Your Grout!


An often overlooked aspect of cleaning up a tile surface is cleaning grout. Clean grout is not only less of an eyesore than dirty grout, it helps keep germs away, as well as it helps prevent growth of mold or mildew. Grout cleaning is something that should be done about twice a year.

What about mold and mildew?


As we stated in one of our previous blogs, “Mold is a natural part of the environment that breaks down organic matter and reproduces by means of tiny spores. Mildew is a term often used generically for mold or fungus that has a flat growth habit. Both are dependent on water and moisture for survival so they will be found in areas of the home exposed to water and moisture the most such as bathrooms, kitchens or basements.”

In regards to the health hazards, we also mentioned, “Mold and mildew spores normally do not cause much of an issue. However, if they enter the home and start to grow then they can cause health problems. Mold is known to produce allergens that cause an allergic reaction, or even an asthma attack, in some people. It can also cause irritation to the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs. This can happen in those who are allergic and those who are not allergic.”

Why this is important information. 


Given this information, it’s easy to see that clean grout is more than just for looks, it’s for health. Grout can have a rough texture which makes it perfect for capturing particles of dirt, food or even absorb oils. This produces a breeding ground for mold and germs in general. It can also be a perfect area to start creating a buildup of particles that can lead to the dark and dirty looking grout.

One way to help prevent this issue is to seal the grout, at least with cement based grout. Sealing the grout gives it an extra layer of protection that helps prevent liquids from penetrating into the grout. When this happens, the grout can start to stain. A sealant also makes cleaning the grout during everyday cleaning much easier. 

Cleaning the grout.


Not all grout cleaners are made the same, and some can actually harm the grout more than help it. Basically, some cleaners are very harsh on the grout and tile, whereas others are not. Bleach is one cleaning product that is used by many, but if it is not used correctly it can actually be harmful to the tile and grout. This is because bleach can weaken the grout and cause grout to fade. Some other products often used that are less harmful on grout are vinegar, alcohol and baking soda.

How CementPro can help.


Pro Clean will do exactly what the name implies, it will clean like a pro! Pro Clean is formulated to remove dirts and oils that have built up on your grout. It’s important to not use this product all the time as it is specifically made for usage only one to two times per year. Conveniently, as stated above, grout is only recommended to be deep cleaned one to two times a year. So use the safe chemicals like vinegar, alcohol or baking soda for the daily cleaning, and leave the deep cleaning to CementPro’s Pro Clean. 

Also worth noting. 


If you decide to just replace the grout or do a new tile installation, Remover Pro is a great tile and tool cleaner. Not only is Remover Pro a 100% biodegradable solution, it can also be used for everyday cleaning. It’s only limitation is that it is not to be used on concrete pavers.