Backyard Firepits Are Trending



If you haven’t added a firepit to your backyard yet, now is the perfect time with Winter right around the corner. In the past few months CNN, NBC, Better Homes & Garden and several other media outlets have mentioned the growing popularity of backyard fire pits. The ambience and relaxation of enjoying a warm fire on a cold night is a great way to either end a workday or even enjoy on a weekend by yourself or with loved ones.

You have options.


You can opt to purchase an above ground fire pit or build your own custom made one. If you choose to purchase one, then you can build an area in the backyard for it with some stone tile. The stone tile will not only provide a flat and stable surface for the fire pit, but it will also provide an area free of vegetation that could catch fire. If you choose to custom build your own fire pit, then stone tile would make for a great building or decorative option.

Should you choose brick or stone tile? Brick, while inexpensive and durable, is not as durable as a stone. Surprisingly, some manufactured stone is cheaper than brick with natural stone being around the same price to a little more expensive. A well taken care of stone fire pit, however, could potentially last a lifetime.

If you opted to build your own custom fire pit, then you will also need to decide what you will be burning in it. As backyard fire pits have grown in popularity there are more and more options available. Gone are the days of only having a wood burning firepit. Now there are options available for natural gas or propane firepits that not only produce less of a mess, but they also reduce harmful air pollutants than wood burning firepits.

It is important to remember to practice safety with backyard fire pits and obey any local ordinances regarding them. Also, be sure to only burn dry wood that burns hotter and cleaner and never burn green wood or any plastic waste as it creates more smoke that can also be toxic.

We can help.


No matter the kind of medium you decide to use for your backyard fire pit, Cement Pro has the right products for your custom project. Give us a call today at (951) 300-0300 and we can help you get the right supplies for your project.