A premium polymer modified cement based foam coat and adhesive for bonding and coating polysty­rene panels and shapes. Formulated with high quality graded sands, cements, polymers, and selected additives. FOAM – PRO is easy and quick to apply and is designed for professionals that require high performance, solid bonding, flexibility and impact resistance, easy to apply.



Available in gray 50 Lb. bag.
56 bags per pallet.
  • As an adhesive is recommended to bond EPS shapes and panels over paper gypsum board, fiberglass gypsum sheathing, cement backer board, masonry.
  • As a base coat, it can applied over EPS shapes and panels, fiberglass gypsum sheathing, cement board.
  • Can be used in exterior and interior applications. The application as a base coat provides an ideal substrate for structural strength or textured finish.