A premium water based adhesive for the installation of vinyl tile and carpet over wood and concrete. Manufactured with a mixture of resins, latex polymers and chemical additives to produce a high quality and versatile product. VINYL 921-PRO is easy to use, has a strong initial grab, excellent bond, ample working time and can be used for a wide variety of flooring applications.


Product Features


Available in 1 gal. and 3.5 gal.


  • Multipurpose floor covering adhesive for use in interior, ideal for commercial and residential installations.
  • Specially designed to adhere vinyl tile and carpet to structurally sound and moisture free concrete subfloors, plywood, cement screed and underlayment, hardboard, terrazzo, ceramic tile, marble, stainless steel.
  • Is ideal for vinyl tile, vinyl plank and solid vinyl.
  • For the installation of indoor carpeting (carpet backed with jute, polypropylene, urethane foam, etc.).