Aurelio Flores started CementPro in February of 1976. In April of 1976, a fire erupted, causing CementPro to close down operations. CementPro re-opened in July only for the nation to experience one of the largest periods of inflation. At times, resources became scarce, and the company’s debt was growing. In the beginning stages of the company, the production facility only produced twenty-eight bags per cycle. Within this small office, Aurelio was the secretary, transporter, and accounts receivable representative.

Only Aurelio and one other person, who oversaw production, made up the entire CementPro team. Still, even with the odds against him, growth started to take place. It was with hard work, sacrifice, and an unwavering vision that helped Aurelio rise above the challenges that faced him. When it came time to grow the CementPro team, Aurelio looked for individuals who shared his vision and values, but also for individuals who had what he was lacking. At the end of the day, he knew he could not do everything by himself and that he didn’t know everything. Aurelio attributed a large percentage of his success to the people he surrounded himself with. He knew that if he didn’t have the right team, success would never come.

In 2003, CementPro built the first production plant of its kind in Mexico. Competitors eventually mirrored greatness and did the same. The company currently produces more than 200 products and distributes to 4 countries and 60 cities throughout the world.


We are committed to excellence in providing a personalized customer experience and evolving with our customer’s need in mind along with dedicating ourselves to producing building materials to compete with the demanding and dynamic environment of our industry.


Our machinery and production systems are the most advanced in the market and are continually upgraded.

sello_cp-certAll our products are approved by the Tile Council of North America.

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